Ten ways to welcome spring

Ten ways to welcome spring

by Radhamani Sarma

Ten ways to welcome Spring.

As an avid writer and committed reader of poetry, I have a special way to

welcome the season of Spring which I would prefer to recommend to others

too. One of the prime ten ways is to write as many write-ups and hang on the

wall so as to cheer you as a permanent reminder of the celebration of the

upcoming season. One such write-up or poem is as follows which has been

sufficiently illustrated with apt paintings . Some similar versifications have gone

into my diary.

Oh! spring in my life, with redoubled vigour,

dispelling surrounding gloom and sombre

mood of dismay and despair,

weaving into a life of floral debonair.

2 nd way : universally anticipated, acclaimed and welcomed with a fervent hope

and expectation, the spring season beckons all with mirth and jubilation.

Feed the bird, fender the pots. of garden. Gardening gives you not only a

Sense of aesthetic pleasure but also physical exercise both to your body and

Mind. Planting new pots and changing flower plants freshens your mind and

Spirit. I personally knew a neighbour of mine who would spend almost ten hours

for he feels he gets inspiration and feed back for his fiction, by getting

immersed with natural objects. Floral decoration is a unique joy to share with.

I decor my sanctum sanctorum with the colourful flowers.

3 -Third type is Bird watching. Only during SPRING those birds come out

to partake of Nature’s immeasurable BLISS. Watching birds is a special

pleasure. Spring is the season for various birds, spring is the season for birds

to sing and chirp , for us also to sing along, to chirp and hum about to

be one with the rhythm of Nature. After so long been indoors during

the gloomy winter that till now supped your wintry moods, the pecking

and wandering birds invigorate your jejune spirits and moods.

4Fourth type-is Interior decoration of walls with paintings on SPRING

flowers , changing carpets ,arranging flower vases in corners etc.,

Inviting guests , arranging tea parties , mutual way of exchanging

Greetings, for SPRING season is a Season of New Birth and celebration

of songs and exchange of gifts.

5Fifth type is taking a vow during season to donate by way of charity

of toys and clothes to charity organisations. With the receding winter,

let our hearts’ view broaden the prospects of giving with a benign

motive to the deserving and needy.

6sixth one is visiting spas, arranging tours ,going to places and

Natural resorts -enjoying the scenery make a lot in efficient way of

Spending spring.

7The seventh type is experimenting with food items , making new

types of cakes, recipes and delicious dishes, not only bring the family

together but also keep you occupied usefully during the season of

joyous get together.

8Tailoring and embroidery , knitting special designs and curtain clothes,

draperies in tune with the season’s mood and setting another exemplary

way of spending Spring.

9-Ninth way is collecting clippings and articles on SPRING and showcase

them in your library so that they are a timely reminder that ” if Winter

comes, can Spring be far behind?” so much so your sombre moods

can be rejuvenated.

10 Last but not the lest way is taking a vow that each family will adopt

One child and bear the expenditure towards the upbringing ,till the child

becomes independent. Let spring bloom in his life too.



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